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Here is a selection of just some of the work I've competed for clients in numerous industries, showcasing both my voice over and voice acting abilities. Read on to discover some of the behind the scenes influences and colaborations, and hear some of my favorite productions to date.


Heathrow Airport

Client: Heathrow Airport
Production Company: Squeezed Media

What happens when you're asked to voice a series of videos for a brand with truly international appeal, on a very important topic? The key here was collaboration and communication. Through regular contact with the team at Squeezed Media who were curating this piece, we developed a specific tone of voice for the Heathrow Airport voice over. After presenting several options of delivery, we narrowed it down to the final style and got to work. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of this production, and believe it was well worth taking the time to make sure we got everything exactly right.


The Ancile - Opening Video

Client: iSolved Presidents Club
Production Company: The Brute Squad
Role: Narrator

What's more exciting than a generic corporate awards opening video? How about a grand and dramatic Spartan tale of strength and survival! This fantastic production called for a powerful and authoritive voice, that had a great sense of story-telling and character. For this recording, I had to do two separate styles of delivery, one for iSolved Presidents Club, and one for The Brute Squad. These deliveries each called for their own sense of atmosphere, with different levels of intensity and drama. The stunning video you see here had not been made when I recorded the voice over, so I had to use my imagination in building up a sense of what I would be narrating; taking the words from the script and enhancing their delivery to match what I knew was going to be a highly cinematic finished production. This called for another live directed session, and some brilliant contact with the team at The Brute Squad. Together, we forged something truly epic.

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Serious Sam: Tormental

Client: Croteam Incubator & Gungrounds
Role: Netrisca
Video Game

Take a long running gaming series with well established characters, and breathe new life into them, with a completely new art style and game format, delivering some serious badass energy in the process. That was the aim of my work with the amazing teams at Croteam Incubator and Gungrounds, on the newly revamped Serious Sam game "Serious Sam: Tormental". For this production, the client patched through driect to my booth getting a live stream of line delivery, and could chat to me in a 2 way conversation as if they were in the booth with me - despite being out in Croatia! I love the flexibility of live direction; you can be anywhere in the world and still get through to my headphones to buzz away in my ear while we record. I played the role of Netrisca, the female lead and all round badass. Every line was packed full of energy and wit, with some of my favourite ever lines in the script. Along with spoken word came the fun foleys, these are things like death sounds and noises the character makes when hit. It was great fun to work on, and even more fun to play the finished game!


Horus Heresy: Legions

Production Company: Everguild Ltd
Role: Lucretia Elunnirai
Video Game


Gloomhaven Audio Accompaniment

Production Company: Forteller Games
Role: Jeksarah
Game Audio Accompaniment


Kemono Mahjong

Production Company: Cyberdog Software
Role: Katya
App Game

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