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Are you looking for the perfect voice for your production?

Hi, I'm Kathryn, a British female voice over artist, working full time from my home studio with UK and international clients in all industries. My unique voice is instantly recognisable, and has brought numerous brands, videos and videogames to life. Find out more about me, listen to my demos, or hear more about my previous work.

I deliver high quality voice over and voice acting anywhere in the world, with a reliable, efficient and accurate service, that gets your audio to you on time.

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My Voice:

My natural speaking voice has been described as "husky", "velvety" and "professional". With a warm tone and crystal clear diction, my naturally RP accent is the perfect resource for your next production. An instantly recognisable British voice of clarity, warmth and confidence.

Commercial Reel

Gaming Reel

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Why Work With Me?

Speedy Turnaround - 24 hour and same day delivery is an option, subject to availability. You can even book me for a priority recording, where I get your audio to you in just 4 hours!

Cost Effective Services - My studio costs are included with my quotes. No more booking studios, and you can patch in to direct me live, from anywhere in the world.

Satisfied Clients - Many of my clients work with me on numerous productions, impressed with my stress-free service, speedy delivery, and creative approach to any script.

Broadcast Quality Audio - On any production, within your desired time-frame. Recording in my professional grade studio, you'll get the finest quality audio, every time.



Source Connect available from home studio.

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