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Hello there, I'm Kathryn Vinclaire, your full time voice over artist and voice actor.

Kathryn Vinclaire

I work daily with international brands and game developers to deliver top quality recordings on time, with efficient and trusted service. My voice brings brands to life, taking your scripted words and breathing energy, warmth and clarity to your production.

The core of my service is founded in the need for a truthful connection. In our increasingly technological world, a voice can be the breath of fresh air, providing honesty and trustworthiness in media. I aim for the same values to be reflected in all the work I do. Every brand I voice is genuine, perfectly capturing the spirit of what your company stands for, making customers notice, react, and remember your brand. Every character I voice is fully believable, with an immediate sense of their age, background and emotion, creating unforgettable moments that draw the player into your gaming world.

Whether it's producing a warm and precise read for Heathrow Airport, or bringing the intensity of the battlefield to life for Warhammer, you can expect the same level of quality service, attention to detail, and a memorable voice!

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"We have employed Kathryn on several occasions to voice our videos and animations. Her warm, husky tone is wonderful. She has always delivered on time and to a fantastic standard. She is responsive and very professional. The fact that she has her own studio that has great acoustics, really helps as she can respond very quickly to any amends. If you’re after a slick, professional voice over, with silky smooth tones then Kathryn is certainly up there."

Richard Irving, Director of Squeezed Media Ltd


Working with your voice as your primary tool requires daily attention, and the quality of my delivery does not just come from clarity of diction, but a lifetime of training in performance, script work, editing, and character building.

I have invested countless hours into my daily training in the many disciplines of voice over. Material for these training courses has come from industry standard networks, Gravy For The Brain, The Voiceover Network and Voiceover Kickstart.

My acting training goes back to my work with The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, a highly competitive and challenging school that only accepts around 12% of applicants, and took 3 years of consistent training to gain membership. More recent acting training has come from The Actors Centre in London, and the numerous voice over conferences I attend and train at. Sometimes it's a specialist workshop in character creation, taking the building blocks of developing a character from their lines in a script. Othertimes you can find me working on articulation and diction, to help speed up those terms and conditions reads and work through specialist medical and scientific lexicons in corporate and commerical recordings.

If you're looking for the perfect voice for your next production, get in touch today for a free quote within 24 hours.

Get in touch for a free quote within 24 hours!

Kathryn Vinclaire

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