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For transparency, here are details of the Privacy Policy for Voice Over Vinclaire, with regards to use of your data as a visitor to this site.

Any information gathered is used exclusively for the purposes listed below. At no point will email lists or any other information collected be sold, rented, traded or otherwise transferred with other companies, businesses or individuals for marketing purposes. This Privacy Policy is written to give full details of what information is collected, how it is used, and how it is kept secure.

What is collected:

The following information may be collected:
  • Contact name
  • Contact email address
  • Contact company or affiliation
  • Contact role within the company or affiliation
Why this information is important, and what is it used for: This information is collected in order to maintain a business only connection, and provide you with a more relevant and tailored service that reflects your industry and requirements.

Specifically, this information is collected for the following purposes:
  • Internal business records
  • Periodical promotional emails, sent to you to provide information on new services, or voice over offers and updates. These will be industry specific and relevant to you and your business. All emails will be sent using the email address which you have provided in your previous contact with Kathryn Vinclaire.
Your information will never be sold or shared.

Any confidential information that is passed between the voice talent and production company or business (for example, details of a commercial script) will never be shared with any other individual, company or business, unless required by law.

Examples of previous and current voice over work are often shared on the social media channels and website of Kathryn Vinclaire, representing Voice Over Vinclaire. If material is already in the public realm (for example, on YouTube) it will generally be interpreted that sharing of the production is permitted to promote and showcase the voice over service provided, unless otherwise stated.


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A cookie is a packet of data sent by a web server to a browser, which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accesses the same server, used to identify the user or track their access to the server.

This site uses Google Analytics tracking Cookies to monitor site traffic which collects standard internet log information and visitor behaviour patterns. From this data, reports using the anonymised data can be generated to help understand the site performance and patterns of use by visitors. This data is always anonymous.

Google's privacy policy is available at:

Cookie Management:

Cookies can be blocked by using in browser settings that allow the refusal of all or some cookies.


This website connection is encrypted using SSL if being accessed using a browser that supports an HTTPS connection.
Any direct emails to the email address listed on this site are not encrypted.

All data collected is stored within G Suite (Google Business software), full security and data use details of which can be found here. Any information processed using Google software is stored in the Google Cloud, full security and data use details of which can be found here.

All passwords and logins are generated, encrypted and protected using Google Password Manager.

You have the right to view, amend, or delete any personal information held internally at Voice Over Vinclaire. Please email kathryn@voiceovervinclaire if you would like to make a request.
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