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Kathryn Vinclaire

From graceful fantasy Queens to terrifying ghoulish creatures, my characters live in a multitude of universes. From emotive dramatic scenes to dazzling comedy moments, your only limitation is the world that you create.

I'm a multi-SOVAS award winning voice actor. Born with paralysed vocal chords, I have a husky voice that is instantly recognisable and unique.

In 2023 I was selected as an ambassador with UKIE and Many Cats Studios as a part of the Impact cohort; the first ever disability and neurodiversity cohort in the UK video game industry.

My voice is husky, warm and vibrant, with a glint in its eye! A natural RP accent with a host of diverse characters on the tip of my tongue.

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SOVAS Award Winner

Best Voiceover - Audiobook - Fiction

SOVAS Award Winner

Best Voiceover - Audiobook - Romance

OVA Award Nomination

Gaming - Best Performance - Female

Exit Veil - Cherry Mochi

Conan Exiles: Savage Wilds - Wildcypher

Waiting For The Raven - Musclebird

Influence: Populate The Belt - Influence


Whether it's passionate emotion, powerful energy or introspective atmosphere that you're after, I can bring a multiverse of characters to your production. My speciality is complex characterisation, with dynamic and compelling performances that cut to the heart of the player.


I'm close to London so always ready for an in-studio session. But if you're looking to record at speed, or are based in another country, numerous award winning productions have been recorded from my custom built home studio. All you have to do is connect via Source Connect, Session Link Pro, or Zoom or Discord. Whatever is most convenient for you.

As a voiceover artist with paralysed vocal chords, my voice is niche. What you get as a result is a truly unique voice.

Husky, smoky, raspy... it's been described in countless ways by my clients who love its stand-out qualities. So if you're looking for something memorable, you've come to the right home studio!

Warhammer Soul Arena Conan Exiles Serious Sam: Tormental Influence Warhammer Horus Heresy Gloomhaven
Voice Over Vinclaire Logo

Award winning voiceover

My multiverse of characters...

Kathryn Vinclaire

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Kathryn Vinclaire - Husky British Voiceover
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