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Think you can't afford voice actors for your indie game?

Think again.

An affordable approach to voice casting, exclusively for independent videogame productions.

I'm here to help you with:

  • Casting indie productions with world-class talent.
  • Sourcing authentic, localised actors from around the world.
  • Bringing diversity to your cast.
  • Strategising with you on how to get the best cast for your game, within your budget.
  • Saving you money, time and headaches!


Finding voice talent can be a bit of a minefield.

There are pricey casting sites that take a hefty commission, or gig-economy sites that greatly vary in the quality of talent available to you, often undercutting the industry standard rates of pay in the process.

And as wonderful as casting directors are, you don't always have the budget available to hire them if you're working on an independent game.

I set affordable rates for my casting services and work with you to source a cast of human voice talent that's within your budget, without undercutting industry standard rates of pay for any performers.

I’m here to take the stress out of casting. To connect you directly with some hugely talented voice actors and save you time and money.


My mission is to prove to you that you needn’t turn to AI for your voiceover needs, even if you have a limited budget.

There are affordable ways of casting, directing and building out your production’s characters. You just need to know how. That’s where I come in.

I work with voice actors from my roster of global talent, to bring you a truly diverse audition pool of experienced performers. They’re excited to work with you, with their home studios at the ready.

I can also assist in sourcing editors for your audio, from my trusted network.

There are over 250 voices on my roster, and if I can't find your perfect voice within that roster, I'll source some brilliant talent for you to consider from my wider network.

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I’m Kathryn Vinclaire, a multi-award winning voice actor and lifelong gamer.

Alongside my acting, I work with independent videogame developers, directors and producers to source the very best voice talent globally.

I’m here to bridge the gap between new IPs in the thriving independent gaming industry, and the wealth of voice talent in my roster.

Indie Videogame Casting Director Kathryn Vinclaire

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Indie videogame 'Influence' cast by Kathryn Vinclaire

"Kathryn was a dream to work with!

As an indie studio, we knew that we needed someone who could help us to strategize and think creatively about how to best use our budget for a project requiring a diverse range of characters. Kathryn was able to utilize her existing roster to put together a slate of auditions which were exceptionally high quality.

Her communication and efficiency were excellent and we could not be happier with the final results. The actors all delivered fantastic performances and we were very satisfied with the outcome."

Jessica Lexmond

Founder - Unstoppable Games


UK (RP), UK (Estuary), UK (Northern), General American, Russian, Irish, French, German and Australian.


This production called for 13 separate male and female characters with contrasting accents, ages and personalities.

I sourced talent who could take on multiple roles, saving on the studio's available budget in the process, without undercutting the actors' rates.

All auditions were collected independently, giving Jessica and the team at Unstoppable Games the time they needed to focus on everything else in their production.

After recieving all the auditions, Unstoppable Games made the final decision on who they wanted in their production. I stepped in to put the final cast in touch with Jessica, who they sent their recordings to directly.

Indie Videogame Casting Director Kathryn Vinclaire

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I'm here to help. If you're interested to discover how I can cast your next production, please get in touch.

We'll discuss what you're looking for and see if we're a good fit.

Voice Actor?

If you’re an experienced voice actor, with a gaming-specific demo reel and a home studio, please apply for the roster below.

All successful applications are subject to a review of your submission. Please check the requirements carefully before applying.

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