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How much does it actually cost to work with me?

Voiceover rates are priced using a Basic Studio Fee, which covers 1 hour of my time spent recording, editing and preparing the script before our session.

For most work, you then pay a usage fee. This varies depending on the overall usage, scale of your campaign, and the context and purpose of the recording.

Usage fees are per production, but you can record for multiple productions in one studio session.

To keep things simple, I’ve added my starting rates below.

some key points

  • Voiceover rates vary greatly due to usage, context, scale and purpose. But I’m here to guide you through your quote, so you understand exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Most quotes with my clients are on a case-by-case basis. I work with you to find the best option for us both, without undercutting the industry standard rates of pay.
  • These rates include studio hire of my broadcast quality recording booth and studio space.
  • If you have a specific budget in mind, please get in touch. We can work together to see if we’re a good fit.

Why Have I Created This Rate Guide?

Voiceover pricing is a bit of a minefield, and I want to demystify it for you. I also know how tricky it can be to budget for productions when you don’t have an accurate estimate of costs for services. This serves as a great reference for estimating costs, before you’ve even reached out to me.


Let’s keep this simple. If I make a mistake, I re-record this for free. If you change the script after I have recorded it, adding in new lines or rewriting the entire piece, you’ll need to cover the BSF for the time I spend re-recording.

These cases are rare though, as I always provide multiple styles of recording in my initial session with you, so you’ve got options to play with in the edit.


My payment window is within 14 days. If you can only pay via PayPal, this will require an additional 6% fee on top of your original quote. If your payment is scheduled to take longer than 30 days, this must be agreed upon in advance.


Commercials (Web Only and YouTube Pre-Roll)

Gorgeous commercials, to be shown online, social media, company websites and YouTube Pre-Roll. Please see Commercials (TV) and Commercials (UK Cinema) for specific usage.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: 400% of BSF per year of usage.

Commercials (UK Cinema)

Commercials shown in UK cinemas only. Please contact me for international rates.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: 500% of BSF per year of usage. This can be divided by quarters to reflect usage.

Commercials (TV)

Commercials shown on television. Usage is always based on TVRs. Please detail the total TVRs and the regions of each campaign for a full quote.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: TVR specific.


Online productions that are shown on a company website, social media, YouTube or similar, that aren't being used in a paid commercial context.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: 400% of BSF per year of usage.


How-to videos, whiteboard style often with cartoons and animations, usually around 1-2 minutes long. Shown online with non-paid usage.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: 50% - 400% of BSF per year of usage. (Depending on the estimated reach of each production.)

Internal Corporate

Making a video for your business that is going to live behind a paywall, on an intranet or only be shared internally? Non-public, offline usage is covered here.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: No usage fee if not made accessible to the public online.


Charged per-scripted-word, with a minimum fee of £250.

Price Per Word: £0.30

Usage Fee: Usage included within the price.

Medical E-Learning and Medical Narration

Due to the more involved preparation for medical terminology, all medical narration is priced per hour of studio time. In some cases, a post-production fee will be added depending on your requirements.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: No usage fee if not broadcast.

Video Games

Pricing for video games varies greatly depending on the rank of A, AA and AAA titles. Please get in touch for a custom quote.

BSF: £250

Usage Fee: Always negotiated. Either as a percentage of the BSF, or a one-off payment.


I work on a variety of radio commercials each year, ranging from local to national campaigns. I work to Equity rates.

Prices Starting From: £27.60


My rates are calculated per finished hour of the final audiobook. This includes a full edit and master of your recording by my trusted, world-class editor.

BSF: £250

In a hurry? Drop me an email at hello@voiceovervinclaire.com with full details of your next production and I’ll get a quote to you within 24 hours.

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